At Innovative Housing Opportunities (IHO), our vision is to build attractive affordable housing environments that are indistinguishable from market rate properties, where residents can thrive, develop healthy habits, and achieve their dreams. IHO believes that thriving communities start with housing, but doesn’t end there. We provide opportunities for residents who are able, to achieve housing independence and go on to become mentors to other struggling with housing insecurity. We are proud that our portfolio reflects this mission.

IHO was formed in 1976 to help the business industry and government address the shortage of low to moderate income housing in the City of Irvine. Today, IHO’s development portfolio has expanded to include high-quality, well-designed, affordable housing in suburban, urban infill, low-income, and high cost neighborhoods throughout the Southern California region. Our community residents are comprised of seniors, families, veterans, those living with mental illness, formerly homeless, developmentally disabled and other special needs and mixed populations.

At our inception, IHO brought together business leaders, policy makers, the education and faith communities, and local citizens to find a mutually beneficial solution which would provide for the ability to both live and work in the City of Irvine. Since that time, collaboration has been integral to IHO’s ability to solve complex housing issues and incorporate innovative solutions. IHO seeks out strategic partnerships that creatively and effectively maximize efficiencies, utilizing the strengths of a broad variety of stakeholders while achieving the most attractive and well managed environments for our residents and their communities.

Our motto, “It starts with housing” reflects our belief that high-quality, affordable housing should be a launch pad by which residents can build or rebuild their lives. Through targeted services, collaboration, and solid business principles, IHO is proud to offer the greatest opportunity for our residents to grow, thrive, and lead their communities to housing independence. We’re just getting started.


To enrich communities by providing high-quality affordable housing, impactful Resident Services, and Economic Self-Reliance™ programs to those most in need.


That everyone has access to vibrant communities in which they thrive.


Putting people and their needs first. We lead with integrity and stay true to our mission. We strive for excellence in everything we do, welcome positive change, and embrace collaboration for the greatest impact.

Our History

1980 Woodbridge Manor Rendering
1980 Woodbridge Manor Groundbreaking
  • 1971

    Irvine becomes a city.
  • 1976

    Irvine Housing Opportunities forms to ensure housing opportunities for all income levels in Irvine.
  • 1981

    Woodbridge Manor Apartments provides the first 100% Very Low Income housing in Irvine.
  • 1983

    Woodbridge Manor expands to add 50 units.
  • 2006

    Woodbridge Manor completes major rehabilitation of original 150 units and expands to add 15 new tax credit units.
  • 2007-2010

    IHO provides short-term loans to help other nonprofit developers preserve and/or develop 187 units of affordable housing, donates over $350,000 to nonprofits serving low-income and homeless households, launches multicultural health fairs open to the public, and explores innovative initiatives addressing the affordable housing crisis.
  • 2011

    IHO implements new Strategic Plan and Vision, expands Board of Directors and establishes Advisory Committees.
  • 2012

    Patricia Whitaker joins staff as CEO.
  • 2013

    Norwalk Towers (Los Angeles County, Seniors) and Pacific Wind Phase 1 (San Diego County, Families) are added to IHO portfolio.
  • 2014

    IHO becomes Innovative Housing Opportunities, Acacia Street Apartments (Brea, preference for Veterans) are added to IHO portfolio.
  • 2015

    IHO creates Economic Self-Reliance™ initiative, launches first “pop-Up” mobile services, breaks ground on Rockwood Apartments (Anaheim, unstably housed families and households with mental illness), acquires Chicago-Linden Apartments (Riverside, families), becomes housing consultant for Regional Center of Orange County.
  • 2016

    IHO turns 40, breaks ground on Parc Derian (Irvine, large families, formerly homeless, veterans and developmentally disabled), kicks off year-long anniversary celebration on July 7, acquires properties in Long Beach and Los Angeles to be developed as mixed-use, mixed-income communities, expands Pop-Up services program, opens satellite office in Los Angeles.