Innovative Housing Opportunities (IHO) values a holistic approach to developing quality affordable housing that integrates on-site resident services programming, partnerships, and community engagement.


Programs and resources are provided to help our residents of all ages, economic background, and skill levels, chart a path to educational, social, and economic empowerment, and overall well-being.

  • Education: Enhances quality of life, empowers residents to take charge of their well-being and promotes economic self-reliance

  • Health and Wellness: Improves the physical and mental health of the individuals and families served

  • Community: Reduces isolation, encourages social interaction, and provides opportunities for residents to interact with one another and contribute to the larger community


IHO’s portfolio of affordable housing communities includes residents from a variety of cultures, language groups, and mobility levels—often within the same property. We create strategic partnerships with property management, community partners, and volunteers to bring the highest quality services and resources to our residents.


IHO is invested in the success of our housing communities by providing a rich array of programs that are open to our residents and the surrounding communities. Dynamic programs offered include job skills support, parenting classes, financial literacy workshops, computer training, health education, after school programming for youth, and many other community building activities. “It starts with Housing” reflects IHO’s core belief that high-quality, affordable housing is the foundation for healthy, catalytic, and economically vibrant communities where residents can dream of and reach for new possibilities.

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We are grateful to our valuable partners who honor our commitment to advocating for and developing high-quality homes, resilient residents, and economic opportunities.

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