Resident Services

Innovative Housing Opportunities values a holistic approach to developing quality affordable housing that includes providing tailored services that improve the quality of life for all of our residents. One of our goals is to provide tools that enable those who are able to successfully graduate into housing independence. We are even in the process of developing partnerships that will enable us to supplement our housing with economic enterprises to offer residents the opportunity to learn skills that will help them to enter or re-enter the workplace with confidence.

Our portfolio of properties includes residents from a variety of cultures, language groups, and mobility levels—often within the same property. At Innovative Housing Opportunities, we create strategic partnerships with property management and community partners to bring the highest quality services to address these challenges and prevent isolation while encouraging social interaction.

The following are examples of programs offered:

  • Onsite Resident Services Coordinators

  • Peer-to-Peer Resident Ambassadors

  • Social and Recreational Programming

  • Health & Wellness Seminars

  • Exercise and Fitness Classes

  • Health Fairs that can include: computer based brain-training instruction, healthy cooking instruction, vision screening in three languages, hearing screening, and blood pressure screening.

  • Healthy cooking instruction

  • Vision screening in three languages

  • Hearing screening

  • Blood pressure screenings

  • Educational, Personal Development, and Financial Literacy programming for all ages

  • Smoking Cessation Classes

  • Resident Gardens

  • Fully-Accessible Transportation Services

  • HUD Neighborhood Networks® Computer Rooms

  • Language concierges and translators

  • Resident initiated programs

  • Sponsored Excursions

IHO Resident Services Pop Up Acacia, California
IHO Resident Services Peer-to-Peer Resident Ambassadors
IHO Resident Services
IHO Resident Services Exercise and Fitness Classes

At Innovative Housing Opportunities, we are dedicated to investing in the well being of our residents and their communities. By providing a rich array of resident services, that are often open to the surrounding communities, we are moving closer toward achieving our vision that everyone will have access to vibrant communities in which they thrive.